Rain and shine July


We are now at the peak of our growing season in the garden and the field, spoilt with a variety of fruit and vegetables on our table. Last month we had our first potato harvest which was a really satisfying moment digging up all our beautiful varieties of spuds. We were also really pleased to see that so far our ant-blight spray had been working. We have been leaving horse-tail to steep in buckets of water and then diluting it down 10 to 1 with water and then spraying all over the crop. Horse-tail leaves an anti-fungal residue to protect the potatoes from blight and has been effective in doing this so far.



The garden is in it element at the moment! The poppies are in full bloom and it is full of life. Our tomato plants in the underground glass-house are also just beginning to ripen, as are the strawberries, we just need a little more sunshine! The currants are non-stop though so come and pick some before the birds eat them all.  Despite the unpredictable weather, we have still been having our cook-ups on a Friday, using veg from the garden to make some leafy green salads and wholesome soups and curries. Try and pop down on a Friday, even if its just to grab some veg and say hi or for a cup of tea and some dinner!



Stall at Farmers Market

July was also the month we had our first stall at the farmers market in Ennistymon on a Saturday. It’s been great fun working alongside other local producers and growers and we’d really like to thank everyone there for being so helpful and welcoming. Make sure you pencil in some time between 10am and 2pm on a Saturday to come and check out all the amazing, local produce, from wildflowers and wild nettle pesto to home-made cakes and conserves. This month we hope to join the stalls at the Milltown market on a Friday, so look out for us there


This month we are hoping to have some more events on in the garden, such as small music gigs and talks. Keep an eye on our lovely new website www.growing.ie and our facebookmoyhillcommunitygarden for any events that will be taking place in the garden. 


That’s about all from us for now. We hope that our Irish summer is saving the best til last and that August will bring the sunshine! 


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