Digging for gold

It’s that time of year when fields are waist high, leafy green and full of flowers. It’s that time of year when we uproot and unearth golden nuggets beneath the earth otherwise known as…spuds!

A week ago we harvested our first spuds of the year, it was a truly    special day. The lovely feeling of plunging your hand into the soil and feeling around for those solid little lumps of goodness. It’s like gold mining, some patches there won’t be a single one and a few inches along there’s a whole cluster of them, huddled together, shining up through the darkness of the earth.

There is no better way to eat spuds than boiling them up in sea-water until soft, accompanied with a large knob of butter, chives and a fresh spinach and lettuce salad. When you eat seasonally, you appreciate the seasons so much more for the different food they bring to the table and spud season is definitely one of the most exciting for many a household on the Emerald Isle.

IMG_4481 IMG_4535

At Moy Hill Community Garden we have also found more creative ways to enjoy spuds…by making our own real life mr potato heads!

Simply find a fairly large potato, cut of the top and hollow it out so that the hole is about 4 cm deep. Soak some cotton wool so it is damp and fill the hole with cotton wool. Then sprinkle some cress seeds onto it, this will be your mr potato head’s hair. Then find some cocktail sticks and a variety of cut of fruit and veg to make his facial features and limbs. For example, for the ears you could use sliced mushrooms, the arms and legs, cut up carrot and the mouth, a slither of red pepper. You can get as creative as you like though and it’s a great activity for kids to interact with different vegetables as well as growing their own cress.


For more information about events in the moy hill community garden and the field at moy house visit our new website http://www.growing.ie or our face book page moyhillcommunitygarden .


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