June blooms!

June blooms!

Newsletter June

Already we are more than half way through the growing year when the sun is at its highest and the weeds are at their liveliest. In the blink of an eye another flower has bloomed and another leaf is ready to be picked. We have gone weeding mad in the garden and the field with lots of help from friends and volunteers alike to make sure our precious seedlings have space to sprout. We also don’t want to make it too easy for the slugs to get their teeth into our crop!
The first two weeks of June weren’t as warm as we had hoped but June still proved to be a lovely month of great growing weather. June also showed us how unpredictable the seasons can be and teach us to be more flexible and prepared organic growers and gardeners. We got all our courgettes and squash in the ground and made some cloches to protect them from the wind. These are basically mini plastic poly-tunnels to cover them and let the sunlight in whilst sheltering them from the wind.
We always say that if you look after your soil, it will look after you. After all our soil preparation during the winter months, collecting seaweed and horse manure every day for weeks on end and putting it into our beds, our harvest this year has been better than ever. We are hoping to go to the soils conference which will take place this month in Clargalway Castle on Monday 6th July to get some more tips on how to keep our soil healthy. There are only a few tickets left and if anyone is still interested please enquire from Margaret at the National Organic Training Skillsnet on info@nots.ie

The summer solstice also marked a memorable occasion for us all as we reaped the rewards of all our hard work when we had our first big harvest in the garden and the field. Keep an eye out in the entrance of the garden where we will be putting out veg every Friday afternoon. Last month we harvested lots of spinach, kale, radish, lettuce and rocket. The beetroots are just starting to become ready to pick and we have even started to pick some early garlic and onions. We have been really pleased with our crop this year, its always a great feeling planting a seed, nurturing it every day and then to have it on your plate. Nothing quite beats it!
Despite some of the wet and windy weather this month we have managed to have a few Friday cook-ups in the garden feasting on plenty of freshly picked salad and drinking lots of peppermint tea with the mint from our herb beds. We also held our first kid’s event of the season where we up-cycled some old wellies to create some colourful flowerpots for the garden!
We have been trying to focus on a different area of the garden of the week so we can plant in as much of it as possible. Don’t forget our work days in the garden are every Saturday if you want to come and hep or just soak in the smell of the flowers! If we’re not there, there will be a list of little jobs up in the shed to do if you feel like it.

Lastly, we now have our new, beautiful website http://www.growing.ie up and running. Please do take to the time to check it out and read all about the garden, you won’t regret it!

We’re looking forward to some more sun and salad in July, so see you then!



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