April flowers, May showers

April flowers, May showers.

What a change in the weather from our early heat wave of April. May proved to be one of the wettest and coldest months so far this year however despite the weather the seedlings were ready, beds were prepared and veg has been planted.
We are holding out from some good weather to plant out the squash and courgettes but other than than the whole field is now planted. Bring on the good weather now please….

Enda and Dani from the Miltown horticulture course have been a great help along with lots of regulars. With only one nice day here and there its been all hands on deck when the weather has been ok and they have learnt to be super flexible when it comes to gardening as you never know what each day will bring!

Our spuds are looking well after there first proper earth up. We have just started harvesting spinach outside which is  great to have back on our plates. It won’t be long till will have lots to harvest so keep an eye on the table at the community garden.
If anyone is in need of cabbage plants we have lots spare along with some other crops. Either come to the field or the community garden on Saturday and take your pick!

Our tree nursery in the garden is growing fast! Many of these saplings are from the seed collection walk we did with Joe Quilty last Autumn.It is incredible to think they will be towering over us one day! Joe is germinating some elm seeds at the moment, these take 1-2 years to germinate before we can plant them, it will definitely be worth the wait to have such a beautiful and ancient species of tree growing around us!

We have been going wild flower mad in the garden, making sure every inch of soil will be as colourful as the next! We are hoping to attract as many bees as possible to the garden as bees are very important for pollinating our fruit trees, flowers and crops as well as being a lovely insect to have around the garden. Our bee’s down at the field nearly swarmed this week but our local queen bee Sinead came just in time and saved the day. It’s quite normal for bee’s to swarm at this time of year but tricky to get them back to their original hive once they have. Last year they gave us some beautiful honey so hopefully this year they will be able to do the same!

Heres to an epic June fingers crossed…

From all at the Moy Hill community garden happy gardening.

We had our first cook up in the garden last Friday evening. The sun even came out as we munched on some wild nettle soup and fresh eggs from the field. We will have these every Friday from 5pm from now so hopefully we will start seeing lots more of you down there! Just remember to park at the Moy church carpark and stay safe walking along the road by the garden!

We have got a lot of crops in the ground last month but there are still some yet to plant once the weather warms up a bit. Weather permitting we will be in the field every tuesday for work day if anyone is interested. We will be there from 10 onwards. contact Fergal on 0871301937 and please remember to park in the field, not on the driveway, out of respect to the landowners.

Don’t forget to check
out our column ‘Growing on Moy Hill’ in the Clare People every month, all about the goings on in the garden and field as well as giving tips on growing organically. Check it out on our blog http://www.moyhillcommunity

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