Happy New Year – Chickens

Its been a wonderful start to the new year, last year was mind blowing, so much done by so many people. We believe that the community is getting bigger, and tighter together. Since the start of 2015 we have planted all of the Garlic for next year and got many beds ready to be planted. The back of the community garden, we planted black current and some more cob trees, the shed has been finished. The latest news on the shelter is that we will be applying for planning permission and we hope to know the outcome by the spring, we will stroll into the future. As the days are short and the weather sometimes not great for gardening, we will be in the feild or the Garden every Saturday and Sunday from 9am until 3pm, if its terrible weather its off. If there is no one around for some reason there will be a job list in the Shed in the Community garden so get cracking and someone will be around soon enough, enjoy the peace, enjoy the space, its yours. Oh and say hello to the chickens, they are a fine bunch, they are working all day every day keeping the weeds away from the Orchid. IMG_5765 IMG_5505


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