We were proud to celebrate our first birthday as a part of Heritage Week with “Harvest Night in the Garden” featuring an open community market, fundraising auction, 5-course garden meal in the Community Cafe & live music with Luka Bloom & Friends. Despite the heavy winds & rains, over 50 supporters turned out to enjoy the years’ biggest harvest of fresh, locally grown organic vegetables, fruits & herbs from Moy Hill Organic Farm. These were all incorporated into a delicious catered meal with Potato Leek Coriander Soup, 5-Seed Soda Bread, Summer Berry Salad, Spicy Green Bean Curry & Chocolate Beetroot Cake with Mint-Cream Icing aside a scoop of Blueberry Goats’ Milk Ice Cream. In the true spirit of community, all were welcome & provided generous offerings of the harvest with potluck meal sharing & donations for the fundraising auction including surfing, cooking, yoga & traditional Irish art, craft & language lessons. This night represented the culmination of a years’ hard work & dedication by this generous & energetic community of volunteers & benefactors. A total of over 5,000 euros was raised to help complete the Community Garden & to continue to grow enough food to share with all of West Clare. This would not have been possible without the generosity of Mr. Antoine O’Looney, supporting grants from the Clare Development Council, & the countless hours that volunteers have poured into creating a space where all are welcome to gather for generations to come. Thank you!






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