Announcing our new weekly “Gairdín Goal” & “Leanaí Lessons”!



This week we are starting a new program to help raise funds for weekly projects and to give back to our community! All of the work that we do is non-profit by the hands of our community volunteers and we need your support to help things grow! Starting on Friday afternoons from 3-5pm we will be offering “Leanaí Lessons” where you can bring your kids for fun activities while learning about growing! Lessons will include learning about organic growing, care-taking for the animals, & harvesting food for healthy diet choices followed up by a fun arts/crafts/creative activity or swim! Feel free to stick around afterwards for our weekly FRIDAY COOK-UP at 6pm at the Community Garden! FREE for all garden volunteers or please DONATE.

You can also help at!donate/c1sxh

This week our goal is to raise 25 euros for art supplies to make signs for the community garden.  Please also feel free to donate any supplies by dropping them off at the Community Garden/Field or contact Lexi at

All are welcome, especially artists in the area! and look for Lexi this Friday at 3pm at the Community Garden for the weekly  “Leanaí Lessons” then Cook-Up following at 6pm. (*weather permitting-notice given by noon*) For dinner, we’ll be celebrating America’s 4th of July Holiday with grilled veggie burgers & skewers with roasted chips, and of course FRESH SALAD straight from the field!

Many thanks as we hope to obtain our first “Gairdín Goal” & we hope to see you there!


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