Cob oven workshop

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A great weekend for the cob oven workshop. Thanks so much to Martin at for giving his time and knowledge. There is now a cob oven in the Community Garden for to be used by anyone whenever. There will be a supply of wood at the gate for the use. We will be holding a cook up in the next week so keep your eyes on the blog.

Words from Martin –

Sitting in the apartment back in Dublin I have to say that west Clare is my favorite place in Ireland. Great people, ocean, clean environment and beautiful weather on top make it hard to leave.

It was the very first workshop I did, so there were minor deficiencies and I have to admit that organization wasn’t perfect. The weather was beautiful and there were about 15 people altogether coming and going throughout the day.

I am thankful to everyone who showed up and I can understand all the people that didn’t stay all day and went to make the most of the easter swell. Main thing is I started to spread my message of using natural materials for building.
The cob oven prototype is now slowly drying and with this warm weather it should be ready for its purpose in few days.

It will be finished with a layer of clay plaster, when I head to the west again.
I will also continue this article with my way of building a cob oven…


Cob Oven

Cob oven is a traditional heat-retaining oven used for ages around the globe. It can be also called clay or earth oven and to make the heat we burn non-fossil fuel inside. Thermal mass of the oven will accumulate heat from the fire and once we are happy with the temperature or the fire is almost out we sweep out the ashes and start baking whatever we want to eat.

Cob oven make the best pizzas and breads or you can make a roast feast. How long you can cook depends on the amount of heat the mass of the oven can retain and how long the fire was burning. This needs a bit of practice, but it is definitely worthwhile.

All you visitors will be blown away by your original cob oven and subtle taste of real fire in your food.

The best part is you can make your own with little or no money. You don’t have to be too lucky to find clay subsoil next to your house and other ingredients are straw, sand, firebricks. You make your baking sessions easier if you build the oven on a fireproof platform. It is not complicated at all, but I recommend to visit a workshop like this one. If you are brave enough just do some web research or get book on the subject or you might discover some of your friends has experience.





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