Moy Hill Community Garden 


Who are we?

We are a group of  community volunteers that  have created a non-profit project  in the Moy Hill Community, close to Lehinch, in County Clare, Ireland.  We were donated 2 acres of land by a local hero for a field and community garden that are used for growing organic and native fruits and vegetables, as well as for planting a native tree orchard to preserve our Irish heritage . We hold free workshops on growing, cooking, building and weekly community meals. We work with several other non-profit organizations including the Irish Heritage Council, Seed Savers and The Community Foundation for Ireland with the common goal to promote healthy and sustainable communities in Ireland.

We are unique in that all of the work is done with a sustainable approach, as pigs help to rotavate the field and we use local seaweed and sand as opposed to any fertilizer or pesticides. Anyone is invited to come and help us grow and in return, when the harvest is done, is rewarded with the fruits and vegetables of their labour.

What  is our vision?

Our main objective is to educate our community on organic growing and sustainable living, while providing  food and a common space for any and all people in the community, no matter their age, ethnicity or social status. We would like for Moy Hill to be somewhere that people want to naturally spend time at, whether it is to plant some trees, flowers or herbs or if it is just to come and read a book or to hang out to view our beautiful area. The love of nature and the outdoors is the common bond and it is a great way to start meeting other people. It will be there for lifetimes and generations to enjoy.


Fergal Smith

+353 (87) 130 1937



Mitch Corbett

+353 (87) 388 0170

Matt Smith



Sally Smith- woofer inquiries


Lexi Keating

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’ve just heard about your wonderful project. Please put me on your mailing/contact list. I’ll be visiting soon!

  2. Hi folks! That’s an amazing project you are doing, very impressive! Is it ok to drop by spontaneously or better make contact shortly before? I’d love to come visit you!

  3. Hey Guys, saw a poster for the wooden surfboard day in the patagonia outlet in Dublin, both myself and my wife are coming down to lehinch to join in the days festivities and get the gills wet too. See you Saturday Gavin & Katrina.
    PS Awesome set up you guys have at Moyhill there cant wait to see it.

  4. Heard about your project on Luka Bloom’s Frugalisto record. Love that there’s still hard work and magic in the world. Hope to visit someday from Oregon.

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